社交互动 精品咖啡

提取HEY BIRD的BIRD为核心图形概念,基于咖啡的起源地,选用主要分布在美洲热带森林中,形象具有强烈识别度的「大嘴鸟」,利用嘴部特点置入咖啡杯的形状搭配色彩与相对精致的文字LOGO形成有层次的有亮点的视觉体验。

炫丽迷人的热带鸟,像极了咖啡店内社交的人们 ,不同鸟类在空间各处各自散发着独特的美丽,而前来品尝交流的人们也可以根据所好,选取自己喜爱的一种角色。

品牌形象策略 / 视觉识别系统设计/ 
空间形象设计 / 产品设计



Based on the origin of coffee, we extracted the bird elements from HEY BIRD as its core graphic concept. The Toucan, which mainly distributed in the tropical American forest, and has an appearance with strong recognition. The beak shape of the coffee cup was designed with bright colors and delicate logo,to form a layered and eye-catching visual experience.

The gorgeous and charming tropical birds were like the people in the coffee shop who had a fantastic social life.
They emitted their unique beauty in different space of coffee shop, customers can also choose their favorite role according to their flavors.

Brand Orientation and Naming / Brand Image Strategy
Visual Identity Design / Space Identity Design / 
Product Design
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