MGS 曼古银

MGS 曼古银源自于工业化浪潮下的东南亚,处于传统与现代、质朴与精致的和谐交融的异域。我们从热带丛林中提取不同层次的绿色构成品牌标志色系,为MGS奠定舒适、沉稳、自然的视觉调性。空间设计上,从品牌强调的手工属性中获得灵感,墙面使用灰色肌理漆并以木质墙裙及金属收边作为点缀,营造天然、粗粝又不失精致感的空间调性。

品牌形象策略 、视觉传达系统设计(VI)、陈列系统设计、品牌形象与空间系统设计(SI)


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MGS Mango Silver originated from Southeast Asia under the wave of industrialization, and is in a heterogeneous blend of tradition and modernity, simplicity and refinement. We extract different levels of green from the tropical jungle to form the brand logo color system, which lays a comfortable, calm and natural visual tone for MGS. In terms of space design, it is inspired by the brand’s emphasis on the hand-made attributes. The wall is decorated with gray texture lacquer and decorated with wooden wall skirts and metal trims to create a natural, rough and refined spatial tone.

service items:
Brand image strategy, visual communication system design (VI), display system design, brand image and space system design (SI)