2017年20周年庆巡展设计 - 匠人精神新起点 

20年的时间, CD鞋履一直秉承着精工细作的执着态度做好皮鞋皮具事业,在产品的创新、工艺的传承、品质的把控,无不体现匠人精神,同时也是一个新的起点。

艺术装置设计 / 巡展设计 / 动画创意策划与指导


2017 20th Anniversary Exhibition Design-A New Starting Point for the Craftsman Spirit

For 20 years, CD Shoes has always been adhering to the Seiko's persistent attitude to do a good job in the leather shoes and leather goods industry. In product innovation, craftsmanship inheritance, and quality control, it all reflects the spirit of the craftsman and is also a new starting point.

Art installation design, exhibition design, animation creative planning and guidance
匠人精神新起点 - 01
匠人精神新起点 - 02
匠人精神新起点 - 03
匠人精神新起点 - 04
匠人精神新起点 - 05
匠人精神新起点 - 06
匠人精神新起点 - 07
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