2014 天使展静态展设计 – 理想国 


2014 牦牛静态展设计




2014 Angel Exhibition Static Exhibition Design-Utopia

Angels are like "beginning", appearing in the world for the first time, meeting for the first time, hugging for the first time, they will all be sincere, kind and beautiful emotions from the family. Family love is like angel wings, a symbol of strength and emotion. In this diverse and complex society, we always believe in the power of truth, goodness and beauty, just like an ideal country where innocence still remains.

2014 Yak static exhibition design

We try to bring everyone to the houses on the prairie to show the natural and ecological features of Sanjiangyuan; and design the yak velvet dolls that are unique to Sanjiangyuan, so that the audience can feel the unique texture of yak velvet through touch and interaction, and experience the "exceptional" pair Exquisite interpretation of new material yak wool

Concept planning and design of annual static exhibition, art installation design
EXCEPTION _画板 1 副本
EXCEPTION _画板 1 副本 2
EXCEPTION _画板 1 副本 5
EXCEPTION _画板 1 副本 4
EXCEPTION _画板 1 副本 3
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