Florina 费罗娜水泥砖



品牌形象策略、品牌视觉识别系统设计 、品牌空间系统设计


Communicate and communicate with an image closer to contemporary consumers

As a common building material, cement has the natural properties of being rational, heavy and slightly cold, and it has extraordinary significance to modern architecture. As a brand, Ferona cement bricks are versatile, collisional, enthusiastic and full of vitality; changeable and adaptable products provide more possibilities for a new generation of open-minded consumers to satisfy their individuality. Aesthetic pursuit.

service items:
Brand image strategy, brand visual identity system design, brand space system design
Florina_画板 1
Florina_画板 1 副本
Florina_画板 1 副本 2
Florina_画板 1 副本 3
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